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Michele Bailey is founder of The Blazing Group, a brand and culture agency born of her strategy-first approach to business, flair for sharing stories, and desire to enhance employee wellness while pursuing business goals. Her advertising agency, Blazing, is turning branding inside out with My Big Idea®, an employee mentoring and wellness program designed to propel individuals forward in their quest for personal and professional success.  In short, Michele and her team have found the formula for creating awesome business cultures that drive exceptional marketing.

Countless companies have discovered greater team cohesion and boosted their bottom-line results as a direct result of Michele’s proprietary process. Today though, she is pushing her clients and others to take it one important step further; to make true gratitude integral to the way business is done.

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In The Currency of Gratitude, founder of creative branding agency Blazing and her latest venture, My Big Idea®, Michele Bailey makes the business case for fostering a deep connection between a company’s brand identity and its internal culture through a deliberate practice of gratitude. With openness, appreciation, and a pure desire for self-improvement, Michele’s vision of gratitude-in-action motivates and inspires readers to center gratitude in their own lives through small gestures that have big impacts both personally and professionally.

Start building your brand from the inside out—embrace gratitude!

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In The Currency of Gratitude, Michele makes the case that the central tenet of all good business comes down to the cultivation of genuine and long-lasting relationships. Through engaging stories and real-life examples, she demonstrates how making gratitude a priority enables businesses to attract and retain both top talent and clients and raises employee engagement and productivity. Cultivating internal brand ambassadors and sustaining a culture of gratitude within one’s business can have a cascading outward impact—from increased brand awareness to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. In Michele’s keynotes, she shares her philosophy on “branding from within” and the reward that comes from forging deeper connections nurtured by a committed practice of gratitude; one that individuates and elevates not only each person we encounter, but ourselves as we pursue the lives of our dreams.

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