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Company culture as many leaders think about and apply it has the potential to work to the detriment of the workplace. Workplace culture improvement initiatives, while perhaps well-intentioned, are very rarely a serious undertaking, as it is just too easy for leaders to assume that simply because their workplace is not toxic, their culture is doing just fine. In Michele Bailey’s over 25 years of branding and leadership experience, that assumption has proven to be one that at best limits the potential of a possibly great brand and at worst actively damages the brand’s public perception.

In The Currency of Gratitude, founder of The Blazing Group, a brand and culture agency, Michele makes the business case for fostering a deep connection between a company’s brand identity and its internal culture. It’s in forging this connection that the real work of company culture takes place.

As Michele explains, “I want to show you that putting effort into fostering a coherent and welcoming internal culture makes business growth that much easier (less work) and more sustainable (less of an investment) in the long run.” With this aim in mind, The Currency of Gratitude unfolds into an inspiring discussion of how a practice of gratitude is seated in the heart of any truly great company culture.

Gratitude, in Michele’s view, is the critical currency for building real relationships and long-lasting connections with team members, clients, and customers alike. Through displays of appreciation, the generous gifting of time, open collaboration, encouragement of passion and effort, and a myriad of other thoughtful actions, Michele Bailey shows how when coming from a place of gratitude, small gestures can produce big results for your brand.

Crucially, these displays of gratitude should never be disingenuous. Michele’s “branding from within” concept holds the promise that gratitude as a mutual exchange can grow meaningful relationships with all stakeholders in your business. Having seen the impact it’s had on her own life, Michele concludes, “It never ceases to amaze me how the practice of gratitude can open doors, build relationships, and take you and your business to where you want to be.”

Start working on your practice of gratitude today! Pick up your copy of The Currency of Gratitude.

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