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ROI Assessment

Is A Lack of Gratitude Costing Your Company? 

Does your company have a gratitude problem? On some level, we all know that gratitude is a virtue. Yet it is one that gets pushed to the margins of our businesses. Gratitude is shrugged off as fluff—something that only pays dividends in abstraction. What business leaders across the country fail to recognize is that a lack of gratitude has likely already cost their business money.

The idea of a work-life balance has been stretched past its limit. Our personal and professional lives cannot be compartmentalized so simply. The reality is that we all need to start thinking about a work-life blend. Today, we need to reimagine what team members need in order to thrive in a company. In the wake of COVID-19, offices are fractured. Even if you did not experience layoffs, people are hurting. How they view you and your office will direct their next steps.

If you were to conduct an anonymous survey, would your team say that leadership regularly expresses gratitude? Whether you believe it or not, the answer matters. A workforce that knows it is appreciated retains A-players and attracts more. Gratitude is a skill that will affect the future of your business and impact your bottom line.

This assessment is designed to give a snapshot of where you are today. Regardless of what your current situation is, remember that gratitude is a teachable skill—you are more than the sum of these questions and who you are in a week or year depends on the lessons you are willing to learn.

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Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all 12 questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

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